B is for Breathing (My Thoughts Inexactly)

If you merely become the inversion of what you oppose, every other day you will find yourself in a battle with yesterday and tomorrow.

Magic understood is magic misunderstood.

Both evolution and revolution require that we be naked. To build up to the real revolution we need an undress rehearsal.

Compounding disinterest—we are disinterested in our very disinterest.

If you could but taste the dreams on which we chew, you would discover how hungry you are.

An education that liberates the mind but confines the body is the miseducation that one ought not long for.

It is said that it is better to have loved and lost then to have never loved at all, but to keep loving and losing and loving and losing—such pain can only be the result of our globalized world.

A war of many enemies hidden even from the enemies.

Being in an ecosystem we need each other, and when one of us goes missing we truly realize we need EACH other.

Under the state, hell can feel but an understatement. The great tease and misuse of the word freedom that one in a cage must endure…

To not salivate in the mouths of others is tasteless.

A domesticated animal is not afforded the luxury of having a will. It must overcome the paradox and find the will to find a will. If not, it’s will is written by another, for another.

Instead of lobbying them with money and energy, let’s lobby ourselves with food for energy; we will then find our need of them unfounded.

And now the wretched is the Earth.

An ideology that keeps you away from others is an ideology to keep away from.

I was born a libertarian socialist without having the words for it, and hopefully I might die a libertarian socialist without needing the words for it.

If you hide your true self in fear of being disappeared, such is your fate.

Permission is a taxing load that more often than not sinks a mission.

A disease thrives the most right before it dies along with its host. Don’t let the demographer fool you with a misleading charting of the future.

I appreciate your solutions, but there is no problem here. Perhaps the problem is in your mind.

Words that are hard to come by are words not easily forgotten.

Focus on solutions, and the problems will lose focus on you.

Without its own food, your movement will cease to move.

Every time I see a fashion model walking my way, I walk to runaway.

Run too fast and you make yourself the hunted.

There is nothing as outlandish as… a modern human!

Hell is the vacillation between boredom and malevolence. It matters not if one is the subjector or subjected.

Wear the 50,000 year lens—see the roots of oppression and not just the base of its recent branches and outgrowths.

When you dance with the devil, you dance alone.

It took the Romans over a century to realize they had killed a god; I ask how long will it take for us to realize we are killing ourselves?

Everlasting life won’t save you from your fears. You will just move from being mortally afraid of death to immortally afraid of death.

The proof that the old are useless, is that the young are useless. Wisdom has vanished, and all time has given is a wrinkle.

The better you chew your food, the more it will stay your food.

Your words tell us we are invisible but the music tells us we are invincible; the choice is easy.

Oh how different naked and empty are.

To move unopposed is not a movement.

Either the youth conquer, or death conquers—for that is what the undying aged have made themselves.

To share yourself is to leave yourself.

Only one side can triump—the other side is the lack of triump, and brings death.

“and down into the Land of Shadow”

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