An Asymmetry (My Thoughts Inexactly)

The difference between darkness and shadows is so profound that light stands in between them.

Dystopia doesn’t taste bad—dystopia doesn’t taste.

Days without precedence are days without presidents!

After waking up to the nightmare, we will find within ourselves the power to put the nightmare to sleep.

Live so profoundly that people do not ask who you were, but what you were.

The real war is when David attacks David; if David survives that, Goliath better run.

Never was a pattern so beautiful that it wasn’t more beautiful still when it was destroyed in an emotional tornado—that’s what it is to be human! If all we are are symmetrical structures, then all we are are corpses; we aren’t are we?

Playing revolutionary is a redundancy.

Life is difference or it is nothing. If you don’t like that narrow choice, choose differently.

Wisdom is gifted to the young from the elders, not their olders.

Their importance is our impotence.

Revolution never gets old—that’s why it’s revolution!

Infinity is not a fixed destiny, but it can be an unbroken destination.

Being apolitical isn’t negating politics, it’s handing your power over to your enemy. Only the dead are apolitical—if you are alive your power is either used by you or by your enemy.

Be the great disturbance in their force.

You can be reborn without dying. In fact, to be reborn it is required that you stop dying first.

One who is obsessed with possessions cannot be obsessed with themselves, for there is very little left to obsess over.

“You can’t have too many rules” equals “you can have too many rules”; thus the ambiguity of language, and the arbitrarity of rules.

A society that one needs to take vacations away from, is a society to vacate.

Truth fools all other propaganda.

If an entire ecosystem does it, it’s called rebalance; if an individual species does it, it’s called violence.

Live in the now and the later never has to come.

Stability is not just the death of death—it is the death of life. Welcome the instability, for without it, in to existence the arbitrary that is you would not have been welcomed.

It’s quite obvious that the human brain has been systemically atrophied, which is why little is quite obvious.

How loud you hear something makes a difference in how well you will internalize it and make it your own. Be brave and sing it or sign it beautifully and not too harshly, and it will resonate in and through others.

We won’t leave this Earth happy, but hopefully we will leave this Earth happier. If not, we will leave this Earth.

The future is written, but blueprints can be burned and documents de-composed, before we dare read them to the injury of our freedom.

Year zero and the year of zero are very close and simultaneously the most distant.

You know difference is the right choice because there is always a niche on it. It never is exhausted and it doesn’t get counted relative to other entities. It leaves the chains of supply.

Revolutions sunset the laws of oppressors whereas reforms just sunset themselves and their supposed beneficiaries.

Becoming good and being evil.

Thinking that we are qualitatively different than all the other animals on the planet has been the single most destructive story we’ve told to ourselves—the single most quantitatively potent animal on the planet.

Do not be ignorant of the ignorance of others. The perils of education are such that the educated will view provincial people as less than, when hitherto in a great balance all were provincial within their circumstance, and not dominated over by alien provinces and alienating knowledge bases. Knowledge correlated directly with the power to engage has passed on, where now the most knowledgeable are often the most disengaged, and yet ignorant of this very province—a self-concealing tower, whatever color.

If you believe in the universal life force enough, you will find it starting to believe in you too.

There is nothing more dangerous than a species obsessed with patterns. The antidote is an appreciation for asymmetry and spontaneity.

Bipolar writings; so on, and so off…

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