notes 4 today: 2017-01-24 (Crossing The Sun; Life As A Struggle?; Vibrational Differences Between Whole Humans And Machine Parts; Esoteria, Stupidity, And Ignorance)

title: Crossing The Sun

There is a large minority of people (40% plus or minus) of the Earth’s 7 billion who have “turned their backs on the sun”, and now live in an area where the sun is always to their south (or north), without ever a crossing happening. They are outside the tropics and rarely venture in to the tropics long enough or deep enough to have a day go by where the sun’s zenith is to their south, and the next hour/day have the sun’s zenith to their north. This exclusion to sun crossing opportunities includes entirely the “continent” of Europe where a vast amount of the preventable deaths by war and civilized advances have taken place or were engineered from, along with japan, the united states, china, and some other nefarious characters. Perhaps a correlation, but nothing more than that.

While you chew on that, another thing I have been chewing on and am happy to allow you to masticate on as well, is that the Christian religion is symbolically based upon the son being on a cross, left to die. I am not well versed in Christian lore, but I do not think Jesus went in to the tropics during his life. Historically, crucifixion was leaving someone out in the elements, usually the hot sun to dehydrate and die over a few days. It is certainly a very unique time to become intimate with celestial bodies, most particuarly the power of the sun. Perhaps the role of the sun/sol is more central to this son/soul involved religious storyline. This is all very loose right now, it can be tied tighter for sure.

As for sun crossing, for a religious or for an energetic/physical purpose, my feeling is that it can be a “pilgrimage” that brings illumination and a re-balancing for those who focus on the wisdom that is the solar system as it is and gives the energy that allows life on our planet to flourish. This might be one of the medications we all need as we generally stay stuck inside, eyes exposed dominantly to artificial light instead of full spectrum sunlight.

title: Life As A Struggle?

The idea of all of life as a great struggle—a theme that crops up very often in western currently dominating discourse—is an extrapolation/projection by humans who had found (and now find) themselves in a particularly harsh non-tropical land where great struggle was needed for survival (think Europe, a theme with me!). In the “natural world” it’s true that many specimens die and one could say that’s proof of struggle, but their deaths are not struggles for very long—they die and are quickly materially/energetically reabsorbed. The successful specimens of a species are almost always adopted right in to an ecosystem and have a comfortable enough niche that has them act as where their propensities are naturally inclined towards anyways. There is no great struggle hour in, and hour out, day in and day out—this is not what life fundamentally is! Dying is filled with struggle, but not living, which is what life is more deeply and temporally aligned with. Proof of our disease as humans is that we have made our lives and much of the world’s ecosystems in to our own image; we’ve undercut ourselves and them through acting on misinformed (deformed) concepts, and we’ve made life a struggle.

title: Vibrational Differences Between Whole Humans And Machine Parts

This is one argument in an ongoing series that my brain ruminates on at times regarding the preposterous claims made by “Singularity” believers. 

Vibrations in humans (and other animals and living creatures) can change immediately, and are not bound within a particular finitude (we are not infinite but not bound by any specific finite state). Machines on the other hand have a specific internal finitude available to them: what we would say is the machine. However, as with computers and many other complicated devices we’ve fashioned, what we call a single entity is really several parts that work as a team; it is never a whole the way a human is a complete whole, specifically because the machine constituents are not vibrating at the same frequencies and work together through mediation—as with a basic set of gears interacting and turning because of the belt/chain (not a shared energy aspiration). We living things become a unique whole (not a series of parts) kept whole because the plurality of matter that makes us up all vibrates at the same frequency, and when there is non-synchronicity, the body can always resynchronize immediately without a central and mediating organizing force beyond the immediacy of vibrational syncing. Living bodies do get out of sync at times to be sure, and sometimes to a great degree, and this is what it is to be diseased. But they are self-corrective and are not dependent on some outside engineer to come set things aright again. Our healing by concerted effort that does not require an engineer is unique to life, and something that our machines will never have, because they are just a combination of parts.

Part of the reason machines do not have this is that they are chemically made out of elements that do not interact well with regards to what is needed to evolve a living consciousness; this might be metals, or even include wood and stones, which might be of organic materials but are not put in to organic frequency rich relationships (wood or sinews are dead and divorced particulates of something that was a whole that included but was not alive solely because of these parts). These mechanical systems cannot change themselves immediately—they are not subject to immediate evolution—they need mediated change (adaptions that are geared by someone else); they would need to dig in somehow to rework themselves if they are programmed to do this self-corrective work. They weren’t “produced” per se, they were just thrown together, and so they will never “reproduce” because that has always been absent from their trajectory. There is no momentum, and they only exist as whole entities because the human mind personifies them so. There is nothing intrinsically whole about my cell phone or my lap top. The whole is a projection that comes from we the people and is codified in our reifying language.

title: Esoteria, Stupidity, and Ignorance

The esoteric need not be a high level thing, it can be the esoteria of stupidity. That people come to be in their own little private enclaves is not necessarily an indication of sophistication. More and more it is likely that we will stumble in to esoteria due to our increasing stupidity as humans atrophy further. Our divorce from larger ecosystems is already itself proving to be a tragic mistake that makes us esoteric from the rest of nature and ultimately might extinct us. Academic disciplinary idiots spoil great energy reserves to develop alienating categories that make themselves esoteric, but in the vacuum of available energy that is coming for humans (as we regress through the mean from which we have strayed in opulence) will get us to the same unbalanced place, this time only reaching esoteria because of malnourishment that was the natural longterm outcome of a technologically rich environment in the first place.

Do not be ignorant of the ignorance of others. The perils of education allow provincial people to be viewed as less than. However, in very many ways having an ignorance that comes along with provincialism, is itself a balance of locality, a natural/sustainable state where knowledge of is balanced with power to. Knowing a great many things beyond one’s local influences is at a great cost to the whole. Ignorant of the cost of knowledge are the knowledgeable who decry the lack of education of others. [originally slated to be an MTI aphorism thrown hastily in to this note]


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