My Thoughts Inexactly: Y is for Yearning

The ability to identify and critique a culture of fakery doesn’t free one from the injury of it.

Perhaps more dangerous than the casualties of war is the casualness with which war is embarked upon.

It’s all very existential… and if it isn’t, that’s very existential, too.

Acting is preparing for the future while keeping in the present; it is the art of not losing the present to pensivity.

Better to actively become nothing than to passively do nothing.

A revolution doesn’t need anyone—it needs everyone.

The utmost cowardice is putting the following generations’ lives on the line for fear of putting your own life there.

What we request of the government we don’t ask of ourselves—the government existing is our own fault, for our faults not being owned. If we stop faulting ourselves, we will stop defaulting to government!

In times of such violence, if you aren’t paranoid enough, you will be eaten by others; if you are too paranoid, you will be eaten by yourself.

Or die trying.

Those who think themselves the conquerors are the more conquered still.

An important difference between a revolutionary and a war criminal is that the revolutionary puts above all else the preservation of the revolution, whereas the war criminal puts their self.

One doesn’t meet with success when requesting of an enemy species for it to go extinct; one must alter the environment in which their enemy thrives.

Poetry is when a spirit deforms language in to something beautiful.

Prisons are as much about limiting the freedom of those outside their walls as they are about limiting the freedom of those inside their walls.

Even the elementary ethics inscribed in Hammurabi’s Code would say it is justice that if one’s land is being bombed, they have a right to come and live without restrains in the land of the bomber. Empires don’t speak justice, they speak bullets, for bullets are blindingly quick and quicker to blind than false words for the domesticated.

Anything that needs to be backed by force other than itself is intrinsically weak, and should be let go by life; laws are just such an example.

Anything more than love, is everything less than love.

The brain is the most fragile flesh to worship, and all the moreso if it is singled out for reverence.

Are we stuck in our heads despite the environment around us, or are we stuck in our heads because of the environment around us?

Wisdom is remembering to use your intelligence for creating in to reality a good world, rather than exposing the reality of the self-veiling bad world. I need to remember to be wiser.

Only the false bridges are burned when you cultivate the fire that is yourself. Be glad that they burn away, for you will not now cross in to enemy territory unawares.

Infinity is not a fixed destiny, but it can be a broken destination.

Forms are self-limiting, that’s what makes them forms; energy is form-breaking, that’s how it makes itself unlimited. Energy choose to be free, or it chooses to be in-formation; it is the force that is never forced.

Remixes are a macroscopic way karma expresses itself in music.

In these peculiar dying times of our era, comfort is the most dangerous killer. Only in indifferent relaxation and sedation could the most impermissible atrocities go permitted.

The thoughts you think are much more a reflection of the time you are in than of who you are. If you don’t want the thoughts thinking you, don’t be the passive reflection, be the active inflection.

In a world where the domination is actively overseen with propaganda far more than guns, the power of symbols cannot be overstated, though it be overrated.

If you shiver when beauty touches you, know that you are the one doing the touching.

We want revolution, not because we want violence, but because we want an end to violence. May the violence be theirs in failing, not ours in succeeding.

To never let go your dice is to role yourself countless along with the faceless.

A revolution that isn’t creative isn’t revolutionary.

To take the lesser of a great evil as as good as being your own enemy. To take the great evil as your friend is to be the enemy of all good.

Too many confuse opening a book with opening their mind. Books narrow focus to draw on a prefiguration.

The world changes with the blink of an eye, but if eyes don’t blink…

The created future will always be more amicable than the predicted future.

So on, and so forth!

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