F is for Facing

Our doubt is the enemy’s greatest weapon; using such a weapon, I do doubt our enemy.

At the core of systemic oppression there is an assumption that there is infighting among the oppressed. Unite, and liberation will root and stem.

If your religion says that you should be a passive observer to God’s brilliance, it is a religion in name only; if your religion places you at the epicenter of struggle, your religion needs no name.

A man does not grow his beard. A man grows, or a man shaves his beard. Victims of human culture are not always viewed as such, rather they are discarded in to the dustbin.

What is death but the ultimate form of stagnancy and sedentarism. Why emulate that during life?

Love endows us with bravery. Love those who you should, and you will be brave enough to realize you should love your enemies as much as your friends.

The best way to get people to leave their mosque behind, is to leave your church behind. End your own alienation and you will find others to be less alienating.

Relationships migrate on to facebook to die. (categorically speaking)

In whose interest do you think it is to propagate the phrase “necessary evil”?

Those who are the most powerful play in their own bodies and don’t bother pulling the puppet strings of others.

There’s a big difference between indifference and ones hands being tied, though the outcome may look the same.

The only thing necessary about civilization is its speedy removal.

The more they destroy you the more they free you from the bonds you were rebelling from in the first place.

The greatest err of naiveté is not to be taken away by the quixotic and utopian, but to be taken down by the pessimistic and cynical.

There is a tribe in all of us, so why not have all of us in a tribe?

Euphoria in an in individual is labeled as shifty bipolar; euphoria in a people is polar shifting.

A flight of fancy is no where near as fanciful as a crash through the ocean’s floor.

A flower in blossom is most vulnerable to the frost.

Insanity is a cure to the sanity of suicide.

The usual suspects in the movies are not the suspects in our reality, they are the prosecutors.


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