Little Rock Lost

I usually don’t share poetry, especially love poetry, but love makes one brave!


language turned down side and up
waning vocabularies your love deconstruct
traditions beyond religions keep us distant
love dwells but cultures stand resistant

no love goes unrequited
love curves and is reguided
love can not last one sided
shared in two not two divided

I know your second finger
weighs on two not one
a small rock can linger
delaying uniting of one

our oneness celled off
weddings be banned
blame removes no action
love is not planned
why these torturous walls
I do not understand
later they say I will
when my view’s more grand

your glow overtakes white light
my view windows no other
my eyes robbed of contrast dark
I see you always in every other

your good coats their bad
but your warmth coats itself
you need not their breath
your spirit dances land and shelf

hasty this all is
for love grows so fast
time moves love quickly
space’s reach is vast

I never feared love
but losing great love its true
I no longer fear death
fanāʾ, I am ever you

كارلوس  ←  لانا


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