M is for Masquerading (my thoughts inexactly)

The human species approaching the capacities of robots is distinctly different from robots approaching the capacities of the human species. The robots have been unable to tell the difference, will you be able to?

If you do nothing, your face will be on at least one side of the coin of genocide.

Make yourself an ally of all life on Earth, and you will be surprised by how unsurprising it becomes to witness your own vitality growing to encompass new depths of experience and wisdom. It will be the surest path to grow out of your-self.

Civilization destroys we animals brick by brick, wall by wall. Life in prison rings synonymous with a death sentence for the animals who have such a need for wandering. The cold in to which so many of us have erroneously strayed is one of our most perilous gatekeepers.

“Capitalism” is a placeholder for all the oppression the world over that holds us in our place. The term can be changed with little effect to terminate the ills, which are probably more accurately put at the doorstep of civilization.

Even the greatest anticipators of the future witness unexpected deaths and unforetold births, of both people and ideas; fears unforeseen pairing with fears surprisingly overcome, hopes diminished replaced with hope unlooked-for. This is not to emphasize weakness on the part of such figures to scope out the future, but it is a highlighting of the power of an indeterminant future that grows freely from an undetermined present. This gift constantly overwhelms itself, and this is why not even time can tell space where it is going.

Parents should not be angered at their children for wanting an inheritance; children should be angered at their parents, for only being able to offer a narrow benefit in the form of a tepid mediation. On the ill horizon, death shall become a most frequent inheritance.

Fascism, totalitarianism, and feudalism are here—they are in the room with us, they just haven’t raised their voices yet. With the rooms they’ve built for us, the technology structured habits they’ve pinned us down to, they probably don’t need to have any voice.

Analytic philosophers aren’t those with the greatest understanding of logic, they are those who are the victims of it’s greatest abuses.

If energy can be neither created nor destroyed, why concentrate it in alien and alienating metals that do not serve life but impose on life servility?

The measure of your society’s docility is the degree to which anger is cast as a negative.

Most who have a hate for science do so out of ignorance; I have a hate for science due to my understanding of its own ignorance.

The most important implant that the government puts in you is not a device to track your movement, but the idea to have you track yourself.

The daily notices that pair serious events with trivial ones have created an intra-cultural relativism that gives even the most critical thinkers vertigo. What entities have evolved to make a profit out of such an absurd destabilization beyond a media who are the very purveyors of it?

Castrating everyone else does not necessarily make your grow a pair.

The unknown is not the great barrier to the truth, it is the lies we tell ourselves.

The clouds constructed aloft for an afterlife in heaven cast great shadows down upon this life on earth. They are the gloomiest and greediest of clouds, for they are not permitted to precipitate when we below have a need for their water, they stay unto themselves and rob us of life.

Bleed your blood as the freest animal you can be, or have it slowly drained through engagement with lifeless institutions.

The discipline would be better renamed Anti-Organic Chemistry, for under its tutorship biomass and biodiversity are taking a killing. Hard put are any to think of an instance when the refinement of methods for manipulation of a thing has led to the betterment of that thing.

Live so vividly that those around you will not only lose their sleep, but will wake from their sleepiness.

Utopian ideas are only as aloof to a people as the people are to utopia—utopia being the real judge of aloofness.

If you find your voice isn’t loud enough, join it with a choir. A chorus that sings loud enough in harmony will shine sound on the naturalized disharmony of all the existing disharmonic, and simultaneously also offer a way out.



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