notes 4 today: 2016-12-02 (The Human Body As Cure; Desire And Civilization; Ethics and Mediation; Attacking The Seven)

title: The Human Body As Cure
If humans are to play a part in the remedying of the catastrophic biomass and biodiversity the Earth over, it will not come from their minds but from their bodies. If human bodies become much more active, resuming normal patterns of movement for their animal, what would follow is a lessening of machines moving as the balance of time would exchange to humans using their bodies. There would also, verily, be more of the day spent sleeping and resting to restore the utilized human body, and this is also helpful to keep the machines out of use in the balance of a day.

title: Desire and Civilization

Desire is chastised by many cultural traditions in civilization’s trajectory, but in so relegating it to an objectionable place, the phenomenon of desire is misunderstood and inappropriately handled. Desire enters as a feeling (or emotion, sorry lacking clarity on it at the moment) that has the one feeling it trying to get the desire met, and thus extinguished. As civilization advances, less and less of our needs are being met, and so desire increases across many areas of living and in increasing intensity. Desire is a symptom that is maligned as a disease, whereas civilization is the disease that enables torturous desires to be felt and endured long past any biological useful point. The cultural mores, however and for whatever reason they evolved, are the chains of civilization that keep us stuck in discomfiture as we are tickled by the feather of desire. The feeling of desire, backed by whatever single or collection of hormones and other bio-chemical combinations, is something that needs to be eradicated in the animal that feels it, but civilization now leaves few doors open to this option, and so desire is put in a prison cell; desire being a powerful inmate, drags the rest of us through the prison bars where we are left to stagnate. Such is one narration on the human condition.

When a symptom is wrongfully targeted as the disease, the disease is enabled to grow stronger and put out more tentacles of symptoms.

title: Ethics and Mediation

Anything that is used as a medium to get more of itself, without being intrinsically used or activated but only used to get acquire more of its form or material composition (increasing its regional purity), is the repetitious behavior of a disease and is very harmful (it should not be conflated with Conatus, which sees a growth, not a mere collection). Not partaking in an act of acquiring to acquire more of the acquiring agent can be taken as a universal truism of how to act in the world—I think it is categorical and can be foundational to a guiding ethics. The following two examples will help flush this out:

1) Metals dug from the ground are in turn turned in to shovels of various and evolving types simply to dig out more metal from the ground. Metals come to have cultural and infrastructural significance that is not feeding the organic, which is where it strays from an ethics that puts breadth and complexity of life at the forefront of how and what to act for in the world.
2) Slavery is in crude terms the using of a slave body to do work when you could instead be using your own body to do that work. Slaves are turned in to mediums to get more resources, which are at some point in the process traded back for more slaves. Just as with metal collection and purification, entering a slaving system is to enter an extraction process with a determined end that the overseer must just “go through the motions” of without truly evolving anything. Pointless motion that comes to pollute and dissuade purposeful motion to evolve higher complexity of life. These two pointless motions do have a finite end point, which differentiates them from true Conatus motions which are specifically getting further and further from any endpoint.

title: Attacking The Seven

5-2-5-2 is an incessant pattern for our whole lives to endure without cessation. For all the controversial initiatives wrought forth by Robespierre, it is a winnable debate to say he had the right spirit in proposing a new temporal system where the seven day week was departed from. Days not yet lived already have a frame of reference and certain assumptions tied to them months and years in advance, precisely because the day of the week. Such bonds to the future are deplorable, yet it is hard to conceive of a people freely leaving the strictures of days, probably because it is so hard to conceive of a free people.


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