¿Madre O Más?

From my experience of the idiosyncrasies of life on Earth, children are created precisely to outlive their parents and continue the stream of life. The fates of mothers, and fathers (if the organism is not sexually hermaphroditic) are not necessitated to link to the fates of their children—the eggs are spread in many baskets that often get further and further from the mortal ends of their birther.

Mother Earth or ME?

So any mother that dies that also causes the death of her children is more than a mere mother. The Earth is not our mother, we are the Earth. We might be the Earth’s mature realization of ancient dreams longing to dance; yet we build walls to be flowers to.

Our fate is inseparably tied to the Earth despite our best and flightiest efforts to escape. We are not yet terrestrial extra, and despite the stories humans tell themselves we are more dependent on the rest of the Earth than ever before, evidenced by the amount of Earthen resources we use to keep ourselves alive, and despite this little bits of us are dying all the time. In a place called the first world, all I see is an advanced stage of cancer. As the terra goes, so go those that live on it.


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