My Thoughts Inexactly: W is for Willing

Death is not the problem—dying without having first lived is the issue. Accordingly, oppression and extinction are synonymous.

Beauty dances most exotically as the eyes of the beholder are closing.

You might repeat some mistakes, but there are some mistakes that wont repeat you.

Religions flourish in the void of meaning that civilization creates.

Children are the only after life worth dying for.

Alienation is subjects choosing objects instead of other subjects.

Justice is blind, and can only hear those who have the power to get close enough to whisper in its ear.

If vibrations of music can move us so, what do the deep vibrations of the earth enliven or suppress within us? And what motions are restricted by the harsh daily vibrations of an industrialized world, and what senses blunted to disallow pain at the cost of pleasure, too?

Those in this time who fail to understand the process of thingification will fail to see the world as anything but a collection of things.

There are no realists, just idealists of bad ideas.

Wearing God’s glasses is more apt to make you blind than to make you God.

If we keep passing our growing problems on to the next generation, eventually there won’t be a next generation to pass them on to.

The only thing more dangerous than real war is false peace. We are surrounded by danger.

Dying will be quite put off when living rudely interrupts it.

In the modern destructive environment, most of the purported additions are overestimated subtractions. The reified mind, such as it is, allows for the murder of one human to be confused with the birth of six new vital organs.

Proverb for a Buddhist. It is never too late, not even on one’s death bed. Even then, actually, it is still too early.

Science is less about understanding the world and more about standing over the world.

That their reputation does not already precede them is one of the original crimes of these delocalized times that allows the bad to exploit the distance gaps. The longer the distance of a connection—whether it’s personal, social, economic—the more we ought to expect exploitative interference.

A focus on production without “re” prefixing it will be short lived. Thus the productivity of the industrial revolution that has confused and displaced and blocked our desires, will soon be displacing us.

The only kingdom I would choose to be part of is the animal kingdom!

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