Urge to Purge: Karlos Basak Omnibust – Batch 03

Like Batches One and Two, I omitted ideas from the documents below (from 2007-2010) that either are too sensitive or are being saved for a future writing project (essay 17 definitely fits in to the latter category, which will be one of my major wintertime philosophical introspections). Like the previous two batches, these documents have those ideas which were to be refined and combined in to a draft of an essay. Some of the essays are partly drafted (#1 – reification and materiality, #4 – philosophy of trance, #14 – mind body split, others perhaps?), and a couple are equipped with abstracts or journal submission literature.

There are still more “omnibusts” to come, a few more essays that I have to sift through and omit particular passages, and also several miscellaneous projects, and then the 150 page backlog of more recent writings of the last 2 years I might release some time in the fall.

0000 – Ideas Shelved for Future Papers
0001 – Reification and Materiality (the riddle of matter)
0002 – Subverses Introduction
0003 – fanaamenology outline
0003 – Sources for Paper
0004 – philosophy of trance, outline, and promotion
0004 – submission proposal to be part of conference panel, for a philosophy of trance, the algorhythm of the nu
0005 – alternate explanation of speeding up of time (ex-change and time)
0006 – Going deeper, making more matter
0007 – The Eternal Difference – Published here already, but here is a document regarding its promotion – 7’s other – internal inturn
0008 – No Out of Context
0009 – What is Violence (motion of bigger things, combine with ex-change and reification)
0010 – Reclaiming the Circular Argument
0011 – Origins of Reification
0012 – Realities of Fiction
0013 – Time is Money
0014 – mind body split
0015 – Hegel and Godel

0016 is not going to be released, it was a particularly confused project that I don’t want to release unless I have some time to rethink its purpose and revamp.

0017 I am saving for a possible winter time redrafting and release. This release would be very important for me and would relieve a lot of unnecessary but real tension I feel with the ideas of a few philosophers.

Essay Organization Database – this is a spreadsheet for essays I had submitted for some college classes and the first several of these initiated essays above. If this document seems unnecessary, just you wait until you look at the next one. A psychologist might have a lot of fun studying and analyzing these two, though doubtful anybody beyond that.

Ideas – Sketches Database (removed lines) – this is a lengthy spreadsheet I created to track all the ideas found in Batches 1 and 2. It certainly is OCD to an absurd level, but I remember it being useful on a couple of occasions. However it was certainly not worth the time investment I had put in to it back in my post-undegrad, pre-full-time job, life.





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