Urge to Purge: Karlos Basak Omnibust – Batch 2

Batch 02, 12,0000-23,2110.doc &
Ideas – Sketches – Illustrations.doc

This is the last of the early ideas in my idiosyncratic idea form (early defined by being mostly before beginning full time employment as a teacher and losing much ocd discretionary data documenting time), heavy with ideas in physics that I was encountering/critiquing from a continental philosophy angle. There are some large-ish unfinished essays, spreadsheets explaining the idea tagging system, and other documents that might be forthcoming in a third (fourth, fifth?) batch, and then the more recent work of the last 2 years would comprise a final batch. Apologies for the tedium 🙂

I will schedule a quick poem to compensate and move this from the top of the blog!


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