Door Prompt (Karlos Basak 2016 Remix)

**The original version is lost, slipped under a door never returned; that door had its revenge, this remix is mine:

Door Prompt (2016 Remix)

Doors knock on us, a hole for laughing,
for they are but an extension of a wall;
a pressure release valve,
before we would knock down all.

Keys are for locking, not unlocking,
pests to regret;
doors are for shutting, not opening,
lest we forget.

Doors are the wall’s middle finger,
the fuck you that unmakes their iron fist;
yet instead of raising our hands in retaliation,
we see their opening as Fortuna’s kiss.

Impolite is the door,
to put a hold on you;
then to time its opening,
to lead you askew.

The door is a distraction from breaking the wall.
Focused on the door, the wall we ignore;
to break down the door is a joke on us,
break down the wall and the joke is on the door.


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