The Importance of Meta-critiques

This was originally going to be one of the aphorisms in a “my thoughts inexactly” post, but I mulled it over for a few seconds, and thought it was important enough to put as a stand alone aphorism, full of “ought” and “ought-not”-ness:

A good critique read only by those powers afforded the time to do so—often the critiqued persons or purveyors of contradictory values that raise the eyebrows of the critical thinker—will serve to inform and strengthen the very complex of defensive measures behind which the said persons cloak themselves. Such meta-critiques of the actual ontological action of vocalizing a critique (and imagining its likely ramification) are generally lacking, and point to an overall lack of vigilance among the populace, not excluding the (clumsy) intellectuals. The author is admittedly very clumsy with certain ideas, which are perhaps being farmed out of him by some hidden power, below the level of his detection or even intentionally entirely outside the realm of his available senses.


3 thoughts on “The Importance of Meta-critiques

  1. Such an interesting post, teaching those whom just do understand. i had to look up some words to better understand, however to be honest still don’t fully understand!

    i’m all good with that, teacher..

    i also see that you stopped by for a read,

    thank you,


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    • Thanks Chris for reading, and then sharing your thoughts an a question (I think a question was implied), you are drawing the teacher in me out to be sure! It is good to force me to clarify what the babble I wrote really means. So I guess another way of putting the message of this post is that we who are thinkers/writers maybe should not be always so freely sharing our thoughts (at least in a quasi open source like the Internet) for we don’t know who will benefit from them. Some of the greatest or most passionate thoughts of lovers can inform the thinking of mass murderers, while passively going in one ear and out the other of another peaceful unassuming person. I’d like to think that some of my writings will help the cause of human (and ecosystem) liberation, but they may actually help the oppressors by giving them information on their own weaknesses, allowing them to a chance to remedy them before they are exploited by the “liberators”. So we need to be critical of the venue and means by which our own criticisms enter out of our brains and in to the wider society. Hope that makes more sense, not sure if it will (I don’t know that it’s very important to know). Nonetheless, cheers! And thanks for stopping by too 🙂

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      • You have a very valid point, nonetheless i will not change nor ask you to change.

        i blog for myself, i place what i’ve written to validate my imagination an what believe to a childlike creativity..

        By blogging i now own, what i have written..

        One can always delete, a blog.. Were i have start may, i could say that this would be the last, nonetheless i would true hope so….

        i’ve enjoy our comments, learn from each word…

        As i believe Mr. Trump will make a fine President, as well you’ll make a fine teacher!

        Within honest hugs chris


        A little gift…

        i give to you; a shy wink, two quick blinks and a soft wet kiss upon your forehead…

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