My Thoughts Inexactly: G is for Gathering (edited)

The clouds of your heaven cast a great shadow over our Earth.

If everyone around you is in bonds, it’s bound to happen that you are included.

The best defense against the powerful is to become power oneself; not abusive and threatening, but resilient and inspiring.

Anarchists—we make no prisoners!

A system that feeds equally on a person’s love as well as their hate is best starved.

When is the soup that suffers great dilution finally called water?

It is the fixed category that will always break.

We cannot heal the wounds of the world if we do not first feel the wounds of the world. The subaltern have a voice if you monologue with your empathy.

A changing of the guard does little, yet a change in what is being guarded is quite another matter. Later perhaps we can relax our guard, and then leave guarding altogether. Deep in to the future we can just be gardeners.

A hundred years ago, in the middle of “the great war”, few could have imagined that a hundred years from then, there would be a much vaster war against life, without many shots being fired or bombs dropped, but as a daily effort to grind down the vitality of the Ecosphere—a war of attrition without victors.

In a world where it is so easy to make deals with the devil, we must ask ourselves if we are already in hell.

With the electric chair the state could kill individuals by turning the power on; now with the electric grid the state could kill masses by turning the power off.

Objectivity is a particular flavor of subjectivity that belittles the subject, thus drawing a false contrast that makes objects seem “larger than life”.

Most of the wars throughout life’s history have been between different lifeforms; now we are in a totally different war which is between life and anti-life. Life forms and life deforms—deformation through information. It would be too gracious and disingenuous to call these forces aligned against life, for truly they are just vacuously maligned.

Stand up for what is right, especially if the low ceiling must be broken.

Better to have the enemy’s blood on our hands after their murder, than to have your friend’s blood on your hand after a handshake with the enemy. Best to have your enemy’s blood on his own hands, when he removes himself from the unjust position as an enemy to life.

Your best doctor shares the same names as you—so too should your greatest lover, and if such is the case, the need for a doctor is removed.

Mediating middle men only have their proboscis to insert. Atrophy their medium by atrophying our own.

It is most often the corrupt who scramble for uniforms with “good” translated on them. Only in such modern and delocalized times could reputations not precede such peoples, where anonymity is the most commonly utilized tool that all who would do evil use to evade discernment.

The fear of not living ought to take precedence over—and not be equated with—the fear of death.

In a world where there are so many instances of the complete opposite being true, one must wonder if that world itself is tending towards complete falsity.

There is nothing wrong with a destructive critique so long as it is sung from a constructive and non-suicidal grounding.

The most embarrassing thing is that we feel great embarrassment over so many things that are perfectly natural.

What separates police from the rest of the population is that no police officer can ever be labeled an “innocent” victim.

To nurture nature out of children as modernity does, is a rejection of all that is innately valuable in both processes.

The original taboo is just that. Its generality is the rug buried deep below its debris pile of detailing specifics.

Getting off our asses is an assertion that we must take literally at first, but that we must also make figurative as we develop mobility of body and mind, if we are to truly get off our asses.


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