My Thoughts Inexactly: Z is for Zeroing

An hour long lecture from the ocean has greater value than a two semester seminar at the likes of a Harvard or Cambridge.

Those who commit themselves to total war are always the first casualty.

We rise to the occasion, not because of what we are, but because of the occasion life is.

Better a mistake of words than a mistake of weapons.

The Universe is not built out of particles, it is built in to them.

Before and within all spatial becomings—dimensionalities going from one, to three, to unbounded potential dimensions—is the zeroth dimension. Dimension is a misnomer, just as quantum tunneling (and entanglement) may be misleading, for the immanent connection between all smallest parts in the vast universe will endure regardless of particular spatial distances and extensions. New, more expansive and dominant dimensions do not necessarily diminish the co-existence of “thinner” spatial dimensions, nor do any dimensions ever negate the zeroth dimension.

Man-aged or man lived. We must choose wisely, for ourselves and for our future!

Instead of cars that drive themselves, what about people that walk themselves?

I’d prefer a forest to an aphorist, but since I am not even grown to the depth of a single tree, I must choose the latter to taste such heights.

Your lack of a search for an ulterior motive is the success of the most important ulterior motive of the propaganda that seeks to quell you.

The real food Nazis are not the health conscious protective parents, but those who would use systemically toxic food as a weapon to sedate the masses.

A beautiful idea without a single tangible example to point to in the world—that is what the human is. Frustrating to bear witness to such a wide potential gap, wedged further and further apart by technological progress.

Parts are important enough to stop regarding them as mere parts.

It is not enough to only lose your own chains, for if your comrades don’t lose theirs you are sure to keep tripping over them.

Despite the incredibly disheveled and confused species that we are—made evident by all of our industrial sprawl—children still have the relative wisdom enough to favor trains, buses, and other mass transit over the idiotic individualization of cars.

If it isn’t visceral enough it isn’t real enough. Too regularly the artificial layers acting as a protective glove will suffocate the naked hands of we the primary creators.

If you won’t be with the whole, you’ll be apart, leaving a hole behind.

It is not the problem of being too introverted or too extroverted—it is the sitting on the wall that we built between the two, stagnant and unmoved by either… diverted.

Civilization doesn’t provide us the luxury of time for rumination, it provides us a plethora of lonely spaces that we can only fill with melancholic rumination.


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