People’s Political Pipeline: Political Searching for a Cartoon

If I had the skill or digital know-how, I would draw this political cartoon:

A man or woman—drawn to represent an everyday sort—is being shown a pipe labeled “representative democracy” by another man, a swindler/marketer/salesman type (actually a politician). The pipe is a u-turn fixture, similar to the picture below

u turn on yourself

and has an entrance port where participants (constituents) are encouraged to put all their political energies. The salesman actually will be saying, “if you just put all your political energy into that pipe—anger, indignation, and so on—we as your representatives will put it to good use and make sure the causes and convictions you have are put to bettering your situation”. The reader of the cartoon will see, however, that due to the pipe system shaped as a “u”, all the energy is going to be turned and used against the very person participating.

Perhaps if this were to be drawn as two or three part comic, the person would ask “what’s that pipe for?” pointing to the other end, with the salesman telling some lie about its use, and then the final scene would be the person all burnt with exhaust smoke after doing as they were told.

Underneath would be a caption such as:

“This is what happens when you turn to them—they turn on you.”


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