shards from ‘Violet Children’ (excerpts)

and here at the turn versa vice rolls a play
¿so won’t you allow it to role your way?

¡Violet Children!
one n away from ending, are we
the vanguards of the indigo, alive barely
bare is how we exist, so touching is the death
this always in mind, we love with every breath

¿is it the darkness that kills
or the light that violates?

when the islands ocean the oceans
the oceans won’t island, nor cry
because the islands conquered their family
and now both oceans and islands must die

because we shine the most intensely and beautiful,
directly in the face of the lightless malevolence
entering David doth draw out full Goliath

violet children are here to clear our global meridians
xi concentrations lead to xi vacuums
we aren’t needles, we are needed
unclogging the Earth’s xi grid by dismantling the world’s power grid

shamans in antishamanic times
bound to think only in rhymes

we may lose violet sooner than achieving our ultra
the opening of a tunnel also a paved out funnel
the ultimate too powerful to comprehend, even to pen

unconditionally together to life we gather
standing together unconditionally, not not withstanding

expecting the living, finding the dead
emptiness unending our chief dread
hearing others words before voice has said
fearing their deaths before any drops bled

those too early vaschemtized we will regrow your fertility
those too early victimized we will resow your vitality

if Narcissus had drank himself
wouldn’t he perhaps not have drowned?
such a head as unadorned
is where exists the only real crown

morning with the mourners and evening with the sinners
throwing up breakfast to predigest, for our dinners

violet children are we
dealing with even more potent entities
the heart of evil to which we dive
knowing not whether we will survive

parade on our reign
for it is not that of a monarch, but anarchs


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