My Thoughts Inexactly: L is for Lamenting

Harvest the bravery to call a spade a spade, and prepare to find that most spades have been plunged deep in dirt.

Instead of dressing up as heroic animals with capes, how about we bravely undress and embrace the human animals that we already are?

I Pledge Allegiance To Liberty And Justice For All. As with so many things these days, if you remove the meddling middle the ends to which you speak become more clear and more powerful.

It’s easy to say “life goes on” when you are not numbered among the dead.

The more humans resort to being sheep, the more the wolves will come to dine on them.

It is a great sorrow of our sedentary age when we realize that our children—who naturally privilege a liberated motion over stagnation—come to equate motion with mobile machines instead of their own bodies.

Killing oneself all at once is called suicide, but killing oneself over the length of one’s life is called domestication.

Industrial bees have their own honey replaced with high fructose corn syrup, so I ask: what is our honey that industry has sapped from us?

Clumsiness in a body is comedy; clumsiness in a car is tragedy.

Such lame and discomforting times commonly described as being “just life” are more aptly regarded as indicators of “the death of life”.

If a fish without water is food, what then is a human without land?

Both a car dealer and a drug dealer prey upon a people that sit around, trying to feel any number of experiences besides the emotions that are most honest and nakedly human.

Those who freely choose the security of hiding under government’s protective umbrella never allow themselves a view of the vast and open skies above.

If the contemporary is not temporary, then humans and other mammals will soon prove to be.

If at break of day you break your fast, you may break your day. Allowing no space for hunting and the driving force of hunger, you will not come to appreciate satiation nor be able to guard against inevitable satiation.

It is due far less to any increasing subtlety of artificial intelligence efforts that have humans confusing robots for other humans, and due far more to the accelerating atrophy of human sensitivity to vitality. The robots can just stay put in the sewers and pretty soon we will go down there ourselves to meet them.

You won’t want to pull yourself up by your own bootstraps in a world where up has been artificially inverted.

Fascism never left—it slowed its metabolic rate to an undetectable level, and has been creeping in to penetrate the vulnerable strata (sovereign state power, improperly undervalued and overlooked natural resources, and other power producers both quantified and unquantified), pushing out healthy immune responses that would normally destroy such a vile existence, and gaining leverage to unfathomable levels.

A true cynic belittles humans as empty of promise, whereas one such as myself laments the growing gap between actual and potential, a promise broken in to smaller and smaller shards that cut deeper and deeper.

The tragedy of the commons is that it sits surrounded by a private propertied society; in such a context the commons were lost already before they were even created.

Medicine may take the fight out of you, but it won’t remove you from the fight.


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3 thoughts on “My Thoughts Inexactly: L is for Lamenting

    • Thanks comrade! Reading through some of your ideals you’ve posted about on your site—very similar to my own that I hold dear—and it’s terrifying how far we’ve strayed from that intimate human connection with the rest of the world. Can we ever get it back? Sorry for the pessimism, it will shift!


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