My Thoughts Inexactly

You believe in God, and God becomes a god; if you believed in You, what would You become?

Live to the fullest and you gain your death; live meekly and you lose your life.

When one in power throws you a bone, make sure to ask whose corpse it came from.

With the ushering in of a new societal order, those on the lowest rungs are usually the last to know. Peasants are not privy to the formative discussions of a feudalistic social contract, nor are slaves typically alerted ahead of time of their impending bondage.

Those who wouldn’t risk their lives even with the impending threat of great injustice, harm, and imprisonment, have nothing to risk.

The balloon inflated full with air still has much more a brilliant existence than the limp unused and forgotten rubber on a shelf with no name, unkissed.

Honest futurists would admit they can’t accurately predict in what flavor of bad the future will come, but any good futurist can predict that future’s future once that road is entered upon.

Pennies on the dollar must be preceded by an original dollars on the penny.

Those worn out most by the system have the most reason but the least ability to change it.

When the societal norms come in to conflict more often than not with the biological norms, it is time to throw away the societal norms before they throw the lot of us away.

If you are thankful for crumbs, and you belittle yourself as a bug, don’t be upset when all you ever eat are crumbs.

The Greatest Generation, the Lost Generation, and the Baby Boomers of the 20th century borrowed from their future to pay for wars, unnecessary and dangerous infrastructure, undeserved retirement, and tacky luxury. Generations X, the Millennials, and Generation Z during the 21st century will be paying back that debt for a bunch of ungrateful dead.

Retirement before death is early retirement.

If your initial instinct is to think metallurgy sounds like a type of disease, go with your gut instinct.

Never a treeline but a roadline that spites the forest.

There should be a flow if one is expected to just go with it; the infrastructural constriction of flow is much more the antecedent than the consequent of uptight hominems.

Don’t take responsibility and don’t heap it on any others living, even the most reprehensible. Blame the dead! They are much greater to blame for our inherited predicament(s), and besides they can take it.

If you tremble with indignation at every artificial mediation put between the physical world and its innate ability to create and nourish life, than you are a comrade of mine!

We are going to regress through the mean not because of mathematical certainty, but because of human stupidity.

Today is tomorrow’s “I should have yesterday”.

It is not untrue that mirrors were made prolific by the beautiful, but not mainly for their own viewing but for the self-visibility of those unsightly and plain faced people, so that such common types might marginalize themselves and become reclusive, leaving the central political spaces for the self-impressed vain. Henceforth both ugliness and beauty is the I of the mirror. The knight’s shining armor makes a potential opponent think twice when he sees reflected his feeble form. He afterwards more readily members himself of a lower and more obedient class.

Making new mistakes is not the best route to avoid repeating old mistakes. Patience should not be equated with inactivity—for most of the unthoughtful human activity leads to future inactivity, with especially high levels of inactivity for the lifeforms damaged by the original human “activity”.

Geometry ought to be renamed homometry, for it is much more a study shaped by human insights than natural patterns that give themselves to us. We see shapes to the great exclusion of the vast diversities. Carbon does not dominate life, life dominates and exploits carbon, and to great extremes far onward and inward past the confined angstrom sized scientific ruminations.

Only in the after math can a truly free people exist!

The odious foundation that is money/property is always buried too deep in debris when a particular economic house collapses, so no one ever gets to the point of uncovering the causa primaria. It can be shown that economic collapses historical (and probably of the future) will always have a small number of partial causes being given a full 100% of the blame in the living memory of the event. Even after, only a handful of academics typically will come to an accurate enough understanding that properly distributes the blame to the varied and overlapping individuals and institutions that truly were to blame. Those powerful who survived unblamed and unscathed get to plague the following generations with their unsustainable practices because of their comparably advantageous new beginning point.

Money and property are the teeth, and a desire to own and dominate the jaw, of the modern oligarch who would eat—in rather omnivorous a fashion—the living as readily as the dead, who would leverage the brand new as readily as the ancient. Such people position themselves to thrive on all the various swings of the turbulence: in actuality they are the turbulence.

If we don’t soon understand and respond to the myriad of hockey stick graphs being presented to us (biomass/biodiversity losses), we will soon be flicked out of existence. We are the willing victims—to close our eyes and let such abnormal times feel so normal.

Perhaps the only thing more difficult than dealing with intense hallucinations is to be finally leaving the hallucinations that have been your whole life.

A life lived by the book will never be written about in another book. Living your life by the book means it will never be read about. Not worth reading about

Living your life by the book collapses all of its memory in to a statistic.

Criminals don’t change their ways when they reach high office, they change the rules (memerize)

We don’t need an apocalypse to annihilate the disaster of suburbia, just one or two untimely slip ups.

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