Excerpt: Easternizing Europe

Brexit. Ahead of the UK’s June vote on whether or not they should leave the EU, they are already precipitated towards being rescued from the east. The UK’s dismal energy prospects along with their import dependency leave them ripe for some version of Chinese-led commercial colonization. The June vote will merely be a brake or an accelerator to this inevitable pathway. I would not be surprised if another country leaves the EU just ahead or following Britain’s vote, to really set the tone for a cascade of dismemberment.

Germany. A country that has just as many reasons to be in the line to leave the EU as the UK is Germany. For their part I think they’d want to get out while they still have some stamina to prevent being in a similarly full colonizable situation. However, as with most analytic endeavors of humans, it would be wrong to think of a modern nation as a unified individual with full sovereignty—nations are merely indicator points or mile markers.

As for the rest of the EU, if it survives the upcoming tumults that shift power formally from West to East, it will be in name only. If it doesn’t fall apart entirely as far as the obfuscating narrative the media tells, it will be rebranded for all those who depend on their normalizing propaganda.

(more on Easternization in an upcoming post)


One thought on “Excerpt: Easternizing Europe

  1. Interesting perspective. I have no idea what to expect from the vote next month.

    I have been surprised to see signs asking people to vote ‘Leave EU’ in the Midlands and South of England over the past few days, as I haven’t seen such in the North (where I live).


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