Sunday Night’s Watch: Varys Midseason Predictions [additional prediction]

Before the predictions [¡Spoiler Warning!], wanted to say that Tyrion’s Episode 4 performance  ([] – when he tries to convince the slavers that leaving the institution behind is in their best interest) pales in comparison to Pontecorvo’s (via Marlon Brando) in Queimada!, a classic scene from a largely forgotten classic:

We (re?)learned in episode 3 that Varys invests chiefly in minors for his whispering business, and my predictive thoughts invest mainly in predictions for these minor plot lines…

1) Perhaps the whole show over, the original counselors of the Kings and Queens—minus Stannis’s righteously suicidal Cressen in Season 2—have all made it through unscathed. Of the original small council Little Finger, Pycelle, and Varys are all doing considerably well. I think at least one is due to die soon, and I think the show is setting it up to be Varys, at the hands of his own birds; he threatened the Harpy woman and her child, and I think that somehow this karma is going to make a return.

2) My only other prediction at the moment is in the same theater, and it is that Daario Naharis will turn on Daenerys, but at the last moment Jorah will die defending her. The logic behind this prediction is very flimsy: Daario, upon kneeling for Daenerys after Jorah’s suggestion to do so, had a panicked “shit shit shit shit” face on. Maybe his timing to initiate a coup had been thwarted, or he realized now that to do his job of killing Daenerys (as part of a larger conspiracy), he he would inevitably be killed immediately after by the newly loyal Dothraki’s. Either that, or he just fears for Daenerys because she burnt down a sacred place that might have supernatural repercussions for her…

[#3, #4, and #5 added 2016-05-23]

3) Euron Greyjoy was behind the burning of the Meereenese fleet, creating an artificial need for his ships. Perhaps in a later season Daenerys will find out about this, and take over the Ironborn after getting rid of Euron. It’s interesting that the episode where trees are doomed by the ships that must be built, is the episode also that we find out that the Children created the White Walkers to protect themselves and the trees.

4) Bran and Meera will connect with Bran’s uncle Benjen who will be able to save them. The previous Stark reunion—Sansa and Jon—was preceded by a direwolf’s death (Rikkon’s), and so too Bran’s direwolf now dead will precede Bran and Benjen’s reunion. This may be reading in to this too much, but Robb and Arya were almost reunited when Robb’s direwolf was killed. It’s almost as if the wolves have pushed them all on separate paths, but now as the wolves die they can regain their lives. Perhaps there is an inverse ratio of Stark dead to direwolf dead, and maybe they will even bring Robb back to take over Lady Stoneheart’s? I would like to think that Jon and Arya’s direwolves will survive though, and help the Stark cause… all wolves must not die! Also in correlation with the 2 wolf deaths this season are the 2 sacred places being violated in some way: the Dothraki temple by fire, and the Weirwood tree by the white walkers.

5) ¿Must “a man” die? One more thing, the saying is “all men must die”, but this doesn’t mean a singular man must die. I feel there is something to this subtly different meaning that might play out in the story, and it is flung in our faces a bit with Jaqen’s way of speaking.

For the other predictions for this season (Cersei’s suicide), and no seventh season: Season 6 predictions


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