Sunday Night’s Watch: Predictions for Game of Thrones [edited]

¡¡”Spoiler Alert”!!

On the eve of the season 6 premiere, I wanted compile the predictions for the season and the show en todo that have been ruminating in a few corners of my mind. With the show having surpassed the books on many major storyline fronts, the bookreaders cannot spoil anything for we who have avoided the books, nor can we spoil it for ourselves by trying to glean too far down the back-story rabbit hole (which is how I stumbled upon Lady Stoneheart).

1) This prediction I already spoke of—Cersei will die by suicide by the end of the season, reasoning explained here (see item 3).

2) The biggest wtf moment of the show—Lady Stoneheart. One of the very last scenes during the final episode of the season, Catelyn Stark will reveal herself to either Sansa or a revived Jon Snow following a defeat of the Boltons and/or the death of Walder Frey; she will be with the Band of Brothers (who may appear earlier on in the season without her, perhaps foreshadowing her coming). This possible storyline is given new hope by this bit of newly leaked information. If she is meeting with Jon Snow, she will say to him something like: “you were not the only one of us who was saved”.

3) All shows must die—season 7 will never be broadcasted (see item 5), or season 8 won’t be if winter in Europe is mild this year upcoming with a harsher winter in 2017-18 (for this to make any sense the above link must be browsed); such a winter would be tied in with global financial catastrophes, all macro-catastrophes adding feedback loop chaos to one another to make a grand apocalyptic scenario. The final season of Game of Thrones (if not season 8), at least, will anyways not be viewed publicly. Regarding the announcement that season 7 will only be seven episodes and season 8 will finish with six episodes, I believe this to be a feign, possibly to get George R.R. Martin to release more notes so they can keep producing the show. I think they may do seven episodes for 7, eight for 8, nine for 9, and then possibly finish on ten for season 10, as their current ideal at least.

4) Not a prediction but a cynical observation: it was not an accident that the actor chosen to play Roose Bolton—by and large the most hated character in the series—looks like Vladimir Putin. You can draw your own conclusions, and nothing could realistically ever be proven and revealed in the media for our common consumption… but you have to wonder, and wondering is part of why we have evolved our wild imaginations.

[Edit: on 2016-04-24,#5 was added]

5) I think it’s probably one of the overlooked minor plot lines, but it may have dire consequences for the Lannister/Tyrell hold on the seven kingdoms. Mace Tyrell will have been unsuccessful in securing a new loan from the Iron Bank, making the situation tighter and more difficult for the two families.





2 thoughts on “Sunday Night’s Watch: Predictions for Game of Thrones [edited]

  1. Hello,

    Thank you very much for your writings. I especially enjoyed your article on metals (from 2015). Hailing from Calcutta, where the metallic mass seems to have crossed all limits…I do well not to have ever owned a car (I am in my forties). And I can clearly see the bad effects of electricity. We are planning to escape to some place where we can be off the grid or perhaps escape the grid altogether. Having a physics background myself I find a lot of your thoughts resonate with my own…We have long been colonised by the metals without having a clue about this inherent imprisonment. Time to return to much simpler detoxified lives…or is there no time?


    • Hi Ashna, your reply brings me great joy! To see you doing something about these issues of the physical costs of living in industrial capitalism is great to know, and sets an example louder than any writings. I am not a world traveller by any stretch but I have been to Calcutta twice, so I find this a wonderful coincidence that you are there trying to remove yourself from that congestion. I am now in the other hemisphere doing my best to do likewise, and if we are fortunate in our life times we will both lose touch as we will be off the grid, enmeshed in our respective locales, free of metals and leaving the detoxifying to our normal body systems designed for this (liver, kidneys, GI tract, lungs, skin). Take care of yourself, and many thanks for your readership!


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