Twelve and Five—Oberyn Martell’s Lost Poetry: A Game of Thrones Extension

As the de facto posthumous editor of Prince Oberyn’s written word, here is another untitled piece that I have warranted as relevant enough to publish for the readers’ intrigue. I have chosen the title “Twelve and Five” for referencing sake. The origins and reasons for Oberyn’s motivations on this work are unknown, save perhaps the small bit of evidence of some ink spilled on the right side of the parchment, and the bottom five lines were written in a larger more exaggerated form than the others.

words without power of tongue are not said
words thought but not spoken turn inward, as dread
all that lives should bleed love or bleed red
absent these two states a body sinks, already dead

if not ready to bed one is not a true friend
in the throes of another does awakening spend
before breaking an enemy is one’s own bend
death to life is only superficially a confusing blend

in this world outlooks tend towards a dull bleak
out of this world more vibrant planes we seek
but either here or there, outlooks are for the weak
for it is in-looking strength that builds its own peak

combined with the lives of wee onlookers beaten so low
what happens on Westeros makes for good show
the sorrows of a knife conspiracy against a lead crow
left bleeding enough to melt the beneath him snow
does make greater emotional impact than one they know


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