love poem fragments—Oberyn Martell’s Lost Poetry: A Game of Thrones Extension

Though a man of the free spirited and polyamorous Dornish culture, Oberyn’s sensitivities to other cultural practices often shines through in his work. Such is the case with this broken-transcript piece with a theme of enduring love, of which 12 lines are legible and printable here. It is unknown whether or not it was written to a specific partner Oberyn fancied. 

together we’ve had trying times
ripening with no small sorrow
but we’ve put down roots deep
that will grow a bright tomorrow

love carries our spirits to a wordly plot
of leaf filled trees that cast shadows not
that allow in the sun but not the maddening hot
nor will the new growth be allowed to rot

within you lies the kindle of my fire
an unceasing love that will not retire
and welled within me roams a desire
that only through you will it ever aspire

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