crime combine

I have a daily reminder of an ongoing crime against nature right outside my window, with over a dozen construction vehicles adding noise pollution among others. When they poor the foundation with “protective” chemicals, I wonder what pollutants will flow downhill towards where we residents are housed? Oh, the unspoken, unpaid costs of the externalities is tremendous, but money flow in its narrow physical plane is not built to deal with dynamic effects, only Life in a larger physics can actually consider others…

Anyways, and perhaps this is just my twisted imagination—or it is my imagination twisted—I have thought of a way to possibly halt their progress, possibly deterring future developments if enough support were given to these “crime combines”.

Just across the way from the construction site is a highway where roadkilled deer carcasses are not uncommon (a crime itself, and representation of a much larger crime that roads are against the animal community in general). If one or more of these were to be dragged on to the site, it would in the very least give the workers pause of thought, perhaps an interesting tactic to achieve Guy Debord’s interruption of “the monotony of everyday life”. Further reflection in the brains underneath the hardhats would take place if the carcass were oddly placed in an excavator’s bucket, waiting to greet the workers on a rainy wednesday morning. The bizarre spectacle may even cause them to call the police to investigate, closing up operations for the day, putting the police to work for the public good and justice (if only ever so brief). They would be looking for trespassers, unable to see the giant trespassing as a fish could not see water. Laws make one blind to justice…



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