Clubbed by Shamballa—Oberyn Martell’s Lost Poetry: A Game of Thrones Extension

A bundle of parchments came to me in the month’s after Lord Tyrion’s mysterious vanishing from imprisonment in King’s Landing. Based on my deft skill to decipher various styles of script, I am forced to conclude they can only be from the Dornish hand of his vanquished champion—the late Oberyn Martell. The individual poems range in atmosphere from being quite festive to quite dark and disturbed. I’ve decided to release them slowly, and to begin I thought I should choose one that Oberyn seemed quite euphoric about, considering the content and the rapidity at which he scribbled it down; to add some flavor to your read, I’ve provided the inspiring song below. The moths whisper to me that Oberyn was quite the glow stick on strings raver…

Clubbed by Shamballa

Sounds background that moans drown out
This past night tuned me in
With all my emotions displayed about
I know not with which to here begin

I felt break over me such a wave
A rush so complete, so full
Last night in this torturous sex cave
Leave me whores! for at last I am lustful

Never could I imagine, or anywhere foresee
In this dank capital city I so loathe
To meet here this one truly unique beauty
Sublime vibrations I want now to betroth

As the DJ introduced this gem so rare
I immediately looked up and met his eyes
He gave a message in his paralyzing stare
“Soon you’ll behold dragons tearing skies”

I took at full value his knowing glance
And prepared myself for a journey as none other
I began to bodily worship by way of wushu dance
And all my enemies swarmed about as brothers

The melody developed complexities further along
My consciousness drifted to all of Essos swaying
Dothraki taking down dragons alone by power of song
A single red priestess parting oceans, arms splaying

The gods dare not interfere to slay us
As we mortals grab at this evolving new life
Born amidst the universe in a spiraling chaos
Trance is proving to be the eternal midwife

Gods leave existence as deeper freedom emerges
Sacred ancient orbits of circulating blood and stars
Are at the mercy of our intense unbound animal urges
Prisoners freed as iron melts to make puddles of the bars

No battle can I any longer fear to lose
For this song cultivates axiomatic warriors inside
Though now different battles shall I choose
Of a higher order justice, and not mere pride

Shamballa destroys Westeros at every level
Along with all of its foul play
One does not just listen and revel
Shamballa raises the sun a new day


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