if you’re not at the top of the food chain you better sure as hell know and understand who is on top of you

As a universal offering of guidance, if you’re not at the top of the food chain you better sure as hell know and understand who is on top of you, if you hope to survive in any meaningful propagating way. Specifically with regards to financial institutions (on top of the money food chain that has supplanted a normal ecological relationship we animals might have used to have), banks are usually slow parasites, preferring to chip away at you as a slow predator that might get used to making a living from scavenging; banks leech in this way under the guise of financing your growth as a person/family/company.

These slow predation norms afford themselves a cloak of invisibility, which makes sense when thought of from an evolutionary viewpoint. Our instinctual radars see a lion and expect something dramatic: a fight, a chase, death of a peer or fellow animal—something. What our instincts don’t expect to see (and therefore can be quite blind to) is the absurd situation of a lion going to a lactating gazelle, pushing the babies out of the way, and nestling up to a nipple to slurp down the creamiest gulp, only then departing to go to another lactating herbivore, returning after a month to that same gazelle. The lion tells his friends, and the wholesale lion-gazelle relationship has become quite perverted. The lion appears sleepy (perhaps because of the tryptophan) and so the rest of the food chain sleeps too, unwary of the true danger of being in proximity to such a beast.

Well, first nature comes to reassert itself some times, and whoever gets to first nature first, predator or prey, usually lives to see another day, while the other either starves or is killed (in the case of Stephan Miller and Rocky the Bear, Stephan is killed for not having first nature, and Rocky the Bear is killed for returning to it). Despite the damage we have done to our ecosystems, things are much more complicated than a simple predator-prey relationship. Humans and so too our institutions are dynamically omnivorous, which further complicates our sense of ourselves and our activities. Our money system, however, goes a long way to simplifying things back down, though this simplicity helps us little if we in the process are made still simpler (a major contemporary predicament), or are kept illiterate to the esoteric world of modern finance. So, in the case of the money food chain, when banks want to leave the sleepy parasitical pose and really want (because of need) huge quantities of our wealth, they will combine with unprecedented (thus the element-of-surprise predatory advantage) government backing to take huge chunks of wealth from the unsuspecting populace (via bail-ins, illegitimate collateral seizure, debt imprisonment, debt inheritance→filial responsibility). It is this attack-to-kill that you really need to be on the look out for and in anticipation of. The comfort of laws truly is a false comfort that only guarantees your vulnerability, rarely your security; laws have always been bent, twisted, or broken when it can favor the elites; treaties between nations in state-capitalist times are almost always broken in favor of expedient gains.

Whatever securities you think you have are a convenient illusion to keep you invested in a system that seeks to divest your life’s energies from you. That which milks you today will surely bleed you tomorrow!


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