Spring Poison: springsterilizing

“baby we were born to die” – brute springstaining of budding life

I couldn’t refrain from commenting for the third year in a row on the horrors of herbicide/pesticide in our local parks at the first signs of infant spring. It’s as if landscapers wake up from hibernation to immediately load the ground (and subsequently the water systems) with broad spectrum life killers.

¿What a horrible thing for our economies and lawns if these lowlifes went from seasonally unemployed to permanently unemployed? We might have ecosystems returning and people eating dandelions from their lawn! They do things with such Nazi efficiency, but ultimately they cannot be fully blamed—a people with their heads in the fumes who employ them are an integral part of the death spiral.

Because of this, instead of seeking regulations in my town against the use of lawn chemicals, I have some voluntaryist-esque flyers to encourage private peoples and businesses in my town to not have chemical treatments as part of their lawn care. It is my belief that most people who use them just trust their landscapers to make their lawn look good and pay a monthly bill, without getting in to the details of what is to be done with their lawn.

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