The Grand War Of Attrition: a sketch

I don’t care to focus on enemies proper, enemies biological that present as mere fodder for the propaganda machines that are themselves much more the enemy. Biology has been so twisted, put to such extreme limits all over this planet (GMO fish, humans in outer-space, etc.) that it’s no wonder that many individual species have reached their range of livability and have gone extinct. There are plenty more species ready to be pushed over that edge, buried deep in an inescapable hole. Even viruses that are tormented in to modified form that we may blame and think of as enemies, are merely symptomatic and victims themselves—they are particularly unsustainable viruses.

So who/what are the enemies, then, that so victimize biological life? We must think in very physical terms to get to the answer, and be armed with widely opened imaginations to offer an alternative setting with which to draw contrast with the setting currently. I have already pointed the finger at the damaging effects of the large (and increasing) volumes of heavier metals at the earth’s surface in a previous writing. Metals are certainly intertwined in this story, caustic and causative in this war of attrition on humans. Let’s look at some of the other in-activators in this battle life fights with diminishing returnings:

1) Not all species know seasonality, which translates in to the fact of many species being utterly unfamiliar with winter. So too would it be true for the relatively hairless humans who are born almost and sometimes completely hair/fur free, yet today you will find us being born in some of the harshest external environments. Internal genetic modifications have not as of yet entered our birthing process to have us gestating and being born with clothes on, nor being born with a great deal of fur, enough to withstand the thermal temperature cycles. We who remain far adrift from the equator have winterized ourselves for the mistaken paths of the past rather than migrate back in the correct direction for our species. Our technologies and cultures have invested us in lands that are very much at odds with our nature, and though we’ve figured out how to survive, we are very far from thriving. The dependence on and slaughter of (animals for meat and skins, trees for shelter and for fuel, fungi for food and medicine) countless other lifeforms to keep our species living in such a barren landscape is really telling. This was not fate—we chose this some time a long way back, when we decided to turn our backs on the sun and follow our shadows and admire them as they lengthened.

2) The life process has been slowed down directly related to the death process being slowed. We’ve engineered ways to stop organic materials from decaying and quickly being reabsorbed by their surrounding eco-system. The concomitant to a slowing of decomposition is the slowing of regrowth and heightening vitality. We’ve made a subtle war of attrition on the natural materials that afford themselves to us, such as linseed oil, and starve them, desertify them, so that they may be used as part of linoleum. Woods are now “treated” with such endurance that they may exit their normal cycle long enough that our generational overlaps leave us forgetting how to harvest and build with them in the first place. The war of attrition against all that is around us is surely and obviously having severe blowback effect on us. From janitor on down to food-stuffed micro-preservatives, we’ve been working on maintaining what we have acquired to the loss of our own bodily skills. Through primary inheritance of skills we had a renewable system of charging our bodies with everything needed to survive and thrive; now we’ve chosen to pour our skills in to texts and other mediations (recently in the form of many digital contraptions) that have lead to the great atrophy of good bodily habits.

3) Infrastructure has a knack for slowing down technological progress yet sticking around longer than expected in a dysfunctional relationship with the needs of the day. It is generally starved of beauty, as it was originally built for a momentary utilitarian ethos that has long since passed, and so it will endure to plague any natural reintegration that humans might seek to make with the land on which they so depend. More than metal, infrastructure is concrete, rerouted and retarded waterways (i.e. TVA tinkering), bare compact land that has had the fertile top soil eroded off the top. Infrastructure has been an accelerant for destructive wind patterns that allow a chain of negative energies to befall what ecosystems do survive in its proximity.

4) The food chain is one motif which I will later expand upon greatly but I should mention here for it is increasingly tenuous. Being at the top of any food chain already puts a species that may fool itself in to thinking it’s powerful in a very vulnerable position. The convergence of our thinking and our systems have gone above and beyond to remove us many steps from the very vulnerable food chain, to the point that our future is being attritioned if not our immediate present.

5) Immune systems weakened by lack of engagement with germs and viruses as well as weakened by poor nutrition in the form of foods loaded with inflammatory components that lead us to dose ourselves with immune suppressing anti-inflammatory drugs. The sterility, chemicals, and culture with which we voluntarily expose ourselves might be more of an example of how our education system has slowly and efficiently gnawed away at our brain tissue.

Five major points of tactical dismemberment of humans—the ones inhabiting northern North America at least—are enough of a foray in to this very slow war on their biological abilities to continue to survive in the given conditions. Some seem self-imposed, but it’s hard to truly believe that, given the robbing of agency that seems to be taking place given propaganda, miseducation, and techniques of dumbing-down the populations. In any event, there are surely many more attrition tactics that have come to surface in my mind, and will resurface once this post becomes archived, but for now five should suffice. Be cheery, at least getting to a dark place we can clearly see where the light is shining and what is worth aiming for!


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