Solstice 2 Solstices: some forecasts for the Earth’s next revolution

1) The oligarchs of global power and finance will continue to constipate the shit from hitting the fan until they feel it is an opportune moment to start releasing some of the floodgates (Yellen’s raising of the rates was one such vanguardian release—a chess move that will serve to build momentum for other future domino releases). The opportune time for the crisis—which the elites will try set the stage for though they lack the complete control and might not succeed—will be July or August. This timing will work well in conjunction with the many political turmoils foreign and domestic that surely will be occurring. It can all be neatly and succinctly arranged just as today’s movie editors do with thousands of video takes to be spouted out of Hilary, Jeb, and/or Ted’s mouths as if it were historical fact. The general public resultantly will be swayed to believing the packaged campaign pitches which will all be eerily similar to one another’s despite their supposed partisan differences.

2) Multiple medium to large US cities will have a debt default similar to Detroit in 2013, and possibly a county or state will declare some sort of imminent financial crisis.

3) Following an acute crisis (perhaps a debt default) with the Japanese economy and loss of confidence in the yen, after the dust has  settled the IMF will announce its removal from the SDR basket, allowing other currencies, particularly the RMB, to grow from its current predicted allotment of 10.9%.

4) Trump will be a rightwing version of RFK in 1968. I was guessing at this well before his recent Muslim comments, but that just solidifies my thinking of how things will be opportunistically set up and played out. Putin’s recent endorsement of Trump are just goading such a situation along, increasing its likelihood. Somehow ISIS will be implicated in this specific spectacle, and more widely involved in shaping politics at a larger, more general scale through the 2016 campaigning season due to the aforementioned politicians fitting ISIS in to their false narratives.

5) Game of Thrones Season 6 will be the last season distributed widely on the HBO network; season 7 will be filmed but by spring of 2017 things will be so out of sorts it won’t be aired in the previous modes.

Added post solstice, (on December 22) —

6) The United States military will start an ad campaign overtly utilizing the “Call of Duty” pre-propaganda to enlist young peoples; this will be the full circling of a readymade, glamorizing theme that has done all the work of building a mindset that favors a military lifestyle among the youth (and young middle aged). Look for there to be some student loan debt forgiveness deals if one opts for the military track.

7) Though it’s a longshot that they even get in to the playoffs—and I apologize to make sports predictions—I am making the following prediction: The Giants will defeat the Panthers in the playoffs, make it to the Superbowl to continue their quadrennial cycle there, but go on to lose to the Patriots unlike the previous 2 victories over them (2008, 2012).


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