41 or 14, either way it’s backwards

Whether it’s Amadou Diallo being shot 41 times in 1999,

or Laquan McDonald being shot 14 additional times (2 initial shots) in 2014

—or any of the many other shootings of both armed and unarmed peoples over the past century—guns are definitely not tied to liberty, but endemic to increasing degrees of oppression. As with most technologies humans have conjured, guns are linked to increased coercive control, and the sad thing is when human’s lose control of these weapons, it is not the weapons that suffer but other humans. It’s easy to harm a living animal, but very difficult to harm a compact weapon. We have collectively made ourselves very vulnerable, and it’s no wonder of the all time high levels of crippling anxiety and panic. Guns translate one’s accident to another’s tragedy; one’s emotional instability into another’s disability; one’s belief of liberty into another’s actuality of enslavement.

As far as police being the shooters, of course they will accidentally shoot people when they have guns which are accidents waiting to happen, and of course they are going to intentionally kill innocents due to ideological confusion mixed with bouts of emotional rage, which are sure to happen some times. Gun’s enable the point of no return to literally be a point, a very instant. If you are armed only with your arms, then you are going to make sure you really want to kill the person you are going to fling them at. Guns factor the better, more imaginative part of our brain out of the equation.



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