Political searching for a Cartoon

If I had the skill or digital know-how, I would draw this political cartoon:

A bunch of papers/books piled on top of one another, each saying something unprecedented “unprecedented gene manipulation” “unprecedented number of autoimmune diseases” “unprecedented distortion by a fiat currency: The Dollar” “unprecedented number of species dying off” “unprecedented number of children born with autism” “unprecedented disregard for future generations”, and possibly more. Each book higher on the pile would be further over-hanging the desk on which they were stacked. On top of the pile of books will be a classroom globe with the ironic word “earth’s first” which really means it will fall first and the hardest.

A commentary caption by one character could be “look how high progress has lifted us!”, or “we keep breaking our previous records, we’re really doing something right!”

A responding commentator: “yes”, sigh, “our children will indeed be inheriting all of our progress.”


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