notes 4 today: 2015-10-19

Title: Dying To Give Birth: A Theory of Modern Birth Complications

Not until civilization did women start dying in childbirth because they weren’t healthy and there bodies weren’t developing and having the developmental opportunities that they were meant to; they started having babies breaching and all these other types of birthing problems that didn’t happen pre-grain, pre-sedentary-ism.

I can pose this with, do you ever find any animals that are dead that were giving birth? Are there human skeletons—a babies skeleton inside the mother’s birth canal area (as opposed to in the womb, where the labor wasn’t itself the cause of the death)

Title: Collapse?

If we stay in the same way of being and dig ourselves deeper into it, the effect will be that the walls which act as a cage become steeper and steeper. This stagnancy that is civilization is not something that will collapse when an event comes along to derail it; it is not a mountain which has a cliff from which something like peak oil or self extinction will make us fall off of. No, civilization is a hole we’ve dug, and the only question that matters is how do we dig ourselves out of it before we are buried in our hole—before our hole caves in, or the angle of light no longer reaches us because we’ve dug so deep. Our real narrative is one of a long descent that may have begin as recently as when we decided to stop being nomadic. The problem is that at that juncture we started mislabeling our lack of needing to live vigilantly as the direction of ascension, and we’ve put all sorts of blankets and sheets over the gaping holes that we’ve made for ourselves, to make us forget that we’ve lost so so much. I’m writing this remind us of how far down we’ve dug ourselves, and to be cognizant of all that we have lost. Because when we hit an event that stops our tunneling, it may also be the event that stops our labored breathing.

Title: wreckless humans will be leading in short order to wreckless diseases

we haven’t been caring about our future, and we are likely to breed a disease that doesn’t care about it’s own, it will wipe out the hosts without considering that in so doing it will doom itself.

MEME: you need money circulating through your society (then picture) like you need poison circulating through your veins


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