Sitting: It’s Hard To Get Around (consider a treadmill desk?)

Sitting Around

“Sitting: It’s Hard To Get Around” I intended a double meaning, one focusing on the longer term (but also immediate) physical effects from civilization’s increase in sitting; but two, that as structures everywhere encourage us to sit, whether they be cars, cubicles, couches, or concrete that impedes standing motion and encourages one to sit once the trauma is done being inflicted. With the first meaning, one could toy with it and say “it’s hard to get unrounded” referring to the rounding of the back, i.e. kyphosis, that sitting causes.

The Sitting Dead

So, they are not always forthcoming with me, but a possible solution if you find too much sitting to be disturbing your bodily needs, is a treadmill desk. This would give your body some mobility so you are “using it not losing it”. I haven’t gotten to try one out and have mixed feelings on compromising with civilizational labour imperatives, but it certainly seems like it might keep one’s body/mind healthier whilst enduring the encagement of modern life.

And speaking of encagement, a “fuck suburbia” meme that hopefully conveys what suburban living is doing to those of us trapped in it.

suburban zombification


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