Bipolar, part zero

One moment you are on top of the world, the following the world is on top of you…

You’re inside the condom, feeling the contours of heaven in your head and body,

but you want too much and you push too far, the condoms breaks,

and you realize you were fucking the vagina of hell. The swirls of extreme

vacillation carry you forth and back, unceasing, as the universal war uses your body as

it’s most intense battlefield. The tornado of you forms and turns

you around to look backwards, and you see that the vagina isn’t actually hell,

hell is what you brought to it. And then the storm ends, your orgasm stolen,

you’re left limp on cold and unfriendly ground,  your own memory not there to

serve your bodily habits but to elongate the torture your mental world

must relive, this time, next time, until your time ends…

Works Cited:

Zhukov, Alexander and Momzikov, Dmitriy. Baroque. Earth: Inside the Minds of Eximinds, 2011. Sound. url: ; listen alongside with full spectrum sound, for a more full effect:


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