An other History Of Flag Day: A Subaltern Fable

In the beginning, there was peace in the land, peace with nature, among all the animals…
Then, conquerors obsessed with order and cleanliness arrived, and they decided to white wash the land and marginalize nature; to them, peace was represented by white, and not intrinsic in nature, so when nature faded they sighed out of relief; however, for the animals left alive, white became a thing of horror, a bringer of death and absence, and it became the adjective for the conquering men…
The natives made their best efforts to remain hidden, keeping their culture safe and tucked away, and so they hid under the dark blue of a moonlit night…
The conquerors, insatiable, didn’t want the natives having this separate freedom, so they shot 13 bullets at the nighttime haven, tearing 13 holes that tattered the natives culture and ability to control their own destiny; the natives, no longer having anywhere to hide, were forced to come out into the white territory…
The white’s believed that order should be established and that peace cannot be allowed to freely existit needed to be encoded in laws and regulation; thus entered bureaucratic management, and the red tape cordoned off different areas; the natives now in white territory couldn’t freely mingle on their own terms, whether with the conquerors or just among themselves…
They put the red tape at the borders, too, so it would be difficult both to enter and to leave the country…
The natives, feeling their language and culture being crushed, decided to move again under the veil of the moonlit night, but in their flight were spotted and continuously shot after, chased to the edges of the land…
off the land
The only exit left was to leave the world entirely, and a stiff wind blew them off the land…
The conquerors forget that beneath all their artifices, is still a land and an attainable peace with nature, despite the scars inflicted; lower your flag to day, because the real purpose of flags is not to drape over bodies, but to rid the murders of guilt, and to justify their slaughter of an Other…

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