The Miscarriage Heroes

There is a probable theory I came across recently that the reason so many women suffer the horrors of several miscarriages is that their bodies are literally dumping their accumulated toxicity into their embryos/fetuses. Depending on the woman’s previous toxicity, there may be half a dozen miscarriages before a successful full term pregnancy occurs.

So, just thinking about these little unborn humans that sacrifice themselves for their mothers and (possible) future siblings, I think it’s right to regard them as heroes. It’s an authentic and positive way to regard their unfortunately brief existence, and I think it’s very redeeming for all involved—for the mothers who have to go through this pain, I think it might give some meaning and purpose and be a much kinder way to remember and approach the death of something so fragile and innocent. Living more fully and not wandering in sorrow is how the little human would want it!


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