Vegetarian Cannibal

“Hmmm,” the wry smiling Fausto said as he gleamed at his lap top screen. “Another ironic title… is it going to be about a person in a cannibal community who takes the moral high ground to stop eating other humans?”

“Or maybe…” Dennis was laughing into his arm, “maybe like Johnny Depp in the end of that movie, where he grows plants on top of where he buried his victims, using them for fertilizer.”

“No, no, I got it,” returned Fausto, “Eating people isn’t considered eating meat, because people eat such garbage non-food these days that they can’t even be considered alive.”

“Or kinda like that Fausto, but because humans are so high and mighty about ‘not being animals’”, Dennis gestured air quotes, “that by eating someone a vegetarian can be righteous and still get his dietary protein and fat needs met, maybe even being a vegan technically.”

“These are all good ideas, guys,” said Leo, “I just liked the ironic title, and I didn’t put ‘the’ in front so it wasn’t about a specific person necessarily.”


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