Mayday, May Day: Leave The City Before It Sinks You

These are some notes/ideas for a speech that I might give if there is an audience—and I find the courage to give voice to them. They are mostly in no particular order, and I will hopefully be able to retrieve them in the moment without too much fumbling. Also, at the bottom, I attached a flyer I printed copies of, and am planning on handing out.

– So I wanted to talk about something that might not seem like an issue, but it’s at the core I believe of many of the issues we have. If we fully delve into this one problem, many of the others articulated by the organizers of this rally will fall by the wayside.

– I wanted to give voice to common dreams that I know many of us had… utopia is so far away, and there are so many issues; utopia’s not on the back burner, it’s been left in the cold, in a forgotten cabinet. Utopia seems so far when we are under siege on so many fronts. The siege cannot be well endured in a place like this… New York is not fit for humans, it’s a concrete desert, not a concrete jungle. It’s a cold, barren desert, with a bunch of human artifacts and huge import streams—a desert that deserves desertion.

– Too much we want others to change to cater to what we need… “give us higher wages, police back off with their guns, their racism”, and so forth. We are extremely dependent upon the actions/inactions of others, and it puts ourselves in a servile position.

We need to make the changes, but what changes? I like rallies such as this, but they are not for speaking to the adversaries, it is for talking to the choir, charging up the choir, and realizing our common dreams. Singing is a good thing, and I think we need to sing a new song.

– New york is not productive, it is a place of diploma mills, of over investment,

– Some of you may like to think in terms of Cost Benefit analysis. Well, the costs will go ever high, and the benefits will soon run dry, and will you let yourself die?

– Make the hard choice, so your children don’t have to… many of you, your parents, or grandparents made the choice to come here for a better life, and hopefully they found that. But don’t love new york for that, love your parents decision; don’t love the place, love the idea of movement to have your needs met. And love your parents all the more still by honoring their choice and wisdom, and implementing it anew… be the change before the crisis, and leave New York before you are forced out by disaster, shortages, infrastructure sinking… all to happen long before the global warming flood waters overwhelm the city.

– You want to be part of a movement? Move, move to a place that is nurturing, that is affordable, and can afford you the time, afford you the right, to self-determine, and not be a wage slave, not work at some menial or meaningless job, not be stuck in a cubicle, not be so dependent upon fossil fuels to stay warm and stay fed.

– You love New York culture? it is not site specific, you can export it along with yourself, it is transferable… These buildings aren’t New York, you are New York.

– These buildings… they aren’t power, they are projections of power. When we choose to leave, or when we are forced to leave by circumstances, they will be revealed for what they truly are: poorly conceived shells. Empty husks that need human creativity to give them meaning and importance.

– It is not a good thing, a mark of progress, that over half the world’s population now lives in cities.

– Don’t be a peasant, don’t tie yourself to this land unnecessarily. Make the hard decision to leave now, instead of putting it off, oh, manana. On the next generation, who are already going to have so many more problems to deal with. Help them out, be brave, and start by just imagining yourself living somewhere else. Don’t panic, don’t over do it… be realistic, take your time, but just not too much time, and realize that life could be so much better elsewhere, where you can afford to buy time for yourself. Because here, in this city, for most of us, it is too expensive to have much free time.

– Let the rats have their city, let them have this… they’ll miss the cultural diversity we provide the city much more than we will miss the decadence they are raining over us.

– regardless of what you think about yourselves, YOU ARE nature people. And the fact that some of you think you’re not, just shows how deep the problem has penetrated.

– The degree to which you are part of the rat race, is the degree to which you are not part of the human race

– Occupy – occupy a place that you can occupy year round. Occupy a place that can feed you. Don’t occupy enemy territory, find your own territory, territory worthy of human deployment, to occupy and live our lives.

– you want to do something to grab their attention? Be outlandish, be the ones that left!

Leave NYC Flyer

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