Sunday Night’s Watch: The Red Viper And The Golden Dwarf—Tyrion Proved Oberyn’s Champion

Note: Spoiler, don’t read/watch if you aren’t caught up through Season 4 on your Game of Thrones…

I have a firm belief that from the energy pulsating from the situation, that if the Mountain did not kill Oberyn, but somehow the Mountain divulged that he had indeed been ordered by Tywin to murder his sister and her children, that Oberyn would have thrown his spear through Tywin’s chest right then and there:

which is what I was hoping for… and reminiscent of the heroics from Spartacus (1960) when Draba throws his Trident up at Crassus and company:

Interesting how the richest people are always sitting, overseeing fights to the death but not partaking in them…

So Since Oberyn couldn’t continue to dole out justice, Tyrion championed his cause, albeit unknowingly and subconscious, and murdered Tywin for him. Tywin sentences his son to death, but his son corrects things and shows us that fathers are supposed to die first; in spite of father’s day (the show was aired on Father’s Day 2014, USA), Tyrion kills his father at an unintimate distance via crossbow, just as his father had kept his son at an unintimate distance: 


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