The Promise of a Dictator

The chief adviser asks his friend, the dictator, when he plans on giving power to the people who all fought to help him take over their country.

I will soon, they’re not quite ready yet,” the dictator responds.

Three years later, following some harsh protests of the people, the same adviser asks his friend, the dictator, the same question: “Your people are getting impatient, and want to know when you will relinquish power as you had promised.”

I will”, the dictator responds, “they’re not ready, still.”

Many years go by, and the next time the adviser asks his question, the dictator is old and gray. “My friend, ruling has aged you, and you can now give the power to the people and be free of so many of your troubles.”

They will have power, just not yetthey are not ready”, responds the dictator in a shaky voice.

The next year, the dictator dies, and during his funeral procession a few prominent members of the people’s brigade, aged and gray themselves, and with tears in their eyes, can be heard pleading with the dictator’s dead body:

You cannot leave… we are not ready!”


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