a-sign meaning…

Depending on the idiosyncrasies of your municipality, it may or may not be your unlucky time to witness a barrage of local school board, town council, and mayoral advertisements (my town is non-partisan). Anyhow, after many drive-bys of a particular sign, I had the pleasure? to walk my dog by one sign—pictured below—and had some thoughts on the possible psyche of the marketing tactics.


– His name is Rich Williamson, but I think by his choice of placement for his first name in the upper left—making your eyes read the sign as “Rich Elect Williamson”—he is trying to use his name to target people who think of themselves as “rich” by saying “it’s in the interests of rich people to elect me”. Being rich could be falling within objective parameters to discern a narrow group of people, but when you include the much larger group of people who falsely think of themselves as monetarily wealthy (or American dreaming they soon will be), or just want to identify with that social group, the number balloons. But in the interest of including the greatest number of people and to not alienate anyone, the cunning Williamson and team can deny any intention of trying to identify as the rich man’s choice by saying the arrangement of words was a funny coincidence. Some insider knowledge I should share too, to accompany this point, is that Williamson has been around the town’s politics for the last few years and is in the conservative, status-quo, power-circuit circles.

– The color green is a curious choice, as it is the only “non-patriotic” color chosen, as two of the other candidates chose blue, white & red, and a third chose the town color of maroon. As a non-partisan town, he could be trying to hoodwink on the unconscious level the progressive, green party believers that he would be their choice; he could also be trying to affirm the association with money and wealth.


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