Searching For An Enemy Is Quite Different Than Searching For The Enemy

… “searching for an enemy”, Catal lectured on, “is quite different, than searching for the enemy.”

Johan rubbed his eyes dry of the waning teardrops, and gave Catal a look of confusion that resolved into agitated disinterest. Seeing this, Catal continued: “I think you see the world, and desire from the world, an enemy that will draw you out of your slothful tendencies.” This truth being revealed to Johan, and striking him through his usual mental fog, hung his attention on Catal’s advancing words. “I know this, Johan, because I have been seeing in you a rage against me, as I give you difficult but honest insight… it’s a rage that puts fire into you…”

Catal hesitated, as if overcome by too many directions to take his pedagogy. At length he spoke again: “fire is great… but that you would risk me—your brother—by turning me into kindling, will provide no solace once I am revealed as not your enemy, but no longer your friend either. You shouldn’t need enemies outside of you to keep you going on, but you should have friends outside of you, not mere allies… this I have found very important.”

“Important to what?” Johan asked, looking up at Catal, not revealing if he really cared to hear the answer or not.

“There have been plenty of obvious enemies, and because our hearts are in the same place, Johan, we both have seen them as such. But there have been many friends, who are harder to define ourselves with, to be unique from, because they don’t contrast against us so much as those enemies that make it clear to us what we elementally are.”

Catal stepped closer to the seated Johan, hoping for an added effect. “We need these people… why?! For nurture, for support, because they keep us from becoming the enemy. The enemy I have not found; it seems like all the obvious enemies—corporations, mafia bosses, politicians—these are all feigns… fronts really, of some deeper and more sprawling enemy… one that we can all sense is out there, and warriors like you and I want to have a final fight with, to get rid of that awful feeling in us that something isn’t right in this world. And so I search on for the enemy. But I am different from you Johan, because when I see no enemy present, I don’t try to conjure one up. Doing this is all too similar a method of the enemy, and it could even be said that it is the enemy co-opting us by enticing us to the adoption of its own arts.”

“To put it philosophically, because you know that’s what I’m all about,” Catal half-laughed to himself, “is that you are succumbing into a harsh and alienating dualism, when really you should just accept the monism reality which contains within it, at present at least, a viscous, cannibalizing, shit-spewing enemy. We can be akin or estranged from it, but never opposited it.”


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