The Meal Ordeal: Is Grassfed Veal the Real Deal?

So I was at Wholefoods and looking for grass fed beef liver and they only had grassfed veal liver. My skeptical self, I couldn’t help but wonder if grassfed veal is another scamming, cheapskatish way of selling you “bullshit”… eerily close to a pun.

They have grass fed and then grass finished, nuanced uses of words that probably allow the industries to not deliver what they are purporting to, but I wonder if there is a notion with veal of “grass beginning”? Basically, my skepticism is that the industry is having calves be born from “traditionally” grain-fed mothers who are dumping all their toxic load onto the calf—a similar mechanism which has been theorized for how autistic kids derive their super-toxicity. They then feed the veal nothing but grass for its short life before they slaughter it, and can now label it “grass fed”, when really we can all figure out that the most important considerations is what its mother was fed (grass or grains) while the calf was in uterro (not to mention whether or not it was given its mother’s milk before or in conjunction with being grass fed).

Anyways, I am no cattle expert, and I think this is what the meat industry is hoping for—that most of us know so little about their world that they can maximize profit by changing as little of their bad practices.


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