The Isle of the Uncastrated Elder Men, A Preface

This is the sketch of a people that I imagine being plotted into some corner of a fiction with available real estate, such as George R.R. Martin’s world from “A Song of Ice and Fire”; feel free to imagine them elsewhere—I hope they can be general enough to be recontextualized at need and interpolated into somewhere meaningful for you.
Their story has been long and slowly evolving in the periphery of my mind, and I think it has as its genesis a certain obvious yet widely repressed insight that a female colleague of mine mentioned four years ago: men are no longer confident to be leaders in their households or even in their own lives, doubt gnaws at them (us). She placed this as being an unfortunate result from the lamentable feministic reorganization of western society during the 1960s, but I am not going to give it as specific a rooting for I don’t know enough recent history to say when the change began or accelerated. However, the fact that there has been a qualitative change in gender-power distribution from a patriarchal modality to something not entirely matriarchal, but a structure alienating to men at the least (I won’t speak for women on this issue), sometime over the last century or two, cannot be denied. To think that a shift of this magnitude can happen without serious repercussions in all spheres of human existence—psychological, social, and whatever others you want to fill in—would be to not appreciate the extent to which culture goes to the very depths in influencing our patterns of thinking and behavior; some of these shifts might be good, and some of them might be bad, it depends on how you choose to evaluate them. Certainly the manifestation of “man caves” and relationships where “she wears the pants” give enough street credit to this contemporary phenomenon existing.
It is coming from this knowledge that the story of “The Uncastrated Elder Men” was born. A group of men and “conservative” women set out to find a new society in which the old patriarchal values would be reclaimed. You can be the judge of whether or not you think their efforts will be lasting enough, or whether their ploy is very superficial and won’t be more than a generational fad(e).

Continued in: The Daughter Trade, Chapter One and Done


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