The Injustices That Are Closest Are The Most Distant From Being Addressed

  • The 7 day week – Beholden to some arcane way of tabulating time, our society is at face-value all about efficiency, yet is a 7 day week at all efficient? Has this arbitrarity ever been evaluated in our supposed scientific society? Kudos to Robespierre for his attempt to get rid of it.
  • “Time Parasites”, a large category in itself, including the following: telemarketers; ripping/shredding credit card offers; insurance companies refusal of payment–subsequent necessary automated phone call; there must be many more that need to be added…
  • Salt Refinement: Normalizing us to refined white salt which has been unnecessarily/expensively processed and neglecting to provide us with naturally colored unrefined salt that has everything we need. And then adding iodine in an improper and mal-absorbable fashion.
  • Rubrics, and other over-wordy pieces of paper plaguing education.
  • Starting school for children too early in the day for their developmental needs.
  • Academic school being compulsory for the first 16 years of life, an investment sure to bear less and less fruit as time continues.

Additions to be aggregated from the top…


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