Living Deciduously: Hibernation As The Cure For A Hypo-nation

I felt the need to rescue this from the dust bin after hearing of the ridiculous efforts of the Bostonian population who can’t just accept winter for what it is.


Every other large mammal in a seasonal climate has made the adaption for the months adjacent to their winter solstice—so why don’t we? Living deciduously and sleeping can solve so many of our personal and civilization problems.

Seasonal affective disorder, a form of depression, makes people feel depressed and less alive; and ultimately, we are less alive. The cure is in the symptom—feeling tired. Maybe instead of thinking that sleep feeds in to the depression and that we need to fight it off, tiredness should be thought of as a natural annual response. Maybe our dreams are where we find the warm sunlight, I know mine are.

Instead of daylight’s saving—a lame commentary on the inability for people to structure their local lives in even the most basic sense—so that we can be pointlessly toiling inside while its sunny and healthy outside, we should have our schedules revolve around getting…

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