Kant’s Phenomenal and Noumenal As Reification and Motion

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Description: for motion essay, distinction between phenomenal/noumenal as analogy


To take Kant’s distinction between the 2 basic reality spheres of phenomenal and noumenal realms, of what appears to be there and what is actual – it appears that there are things, we have become accustomed to seeing/saying things, but really all there are are motions, variations between motions. The real, the noumenal is all motions. Its because of a lack of harmonization that “things” appear. If there was full on harmonization, where there were no borders between “things”, between one harmonization and another, there would be just totality and no possibility for lingual thingification (reification); for pointing and saying—there would just be purely variable directions in the same energized (thus harmonized) motions.

Calculus can never see motion, it just infers it, but it says something about the limits of the analytic methods humans have devised to study the world.


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