Sunday Night’s Watch: Game of Thrones Spoiler Alert—The choices of…

Ser Jorah Mormont

In the second most recent episode, an old favorite character—Jorah the Andal—was banished from serving by the side of his queen Daenerys. He was last seen on camera leaving on a horse with the city of Meereen—personally I thought he should have stayed and in so doing forced Daenerys to execute him or to realize that he was truly loyal to her cause.

However, he still has opportunities to prove his loyalty and not have to switch sides and get tangled with the political clusterfuck in King’s Landing (ensuring that he’d never be able to be part of Daenerys’s cause again, and feeling terrible inside).

1) He can return to the previously liberated city of Astapor where now an autocrat named Cleon rules and has re-enslaved the population. If Jorah plays his cards right he can get close to Cleon and then betray him, delivering the city to Daenerys if she wants it, and proving that he is truly loyal to her.

2) He can go to Yunkai where Dario Naharis and the Second Sons were sent to retake that previously liberated city (I’m assuming they’ll be successful in this endeavor) and have them go take Astapor with him, hoping to get this underway before word of his banishment reaches them. I don’t know if there are carrier ravens on Essos that could thwart his plans.

3) He can go to Westeros and try to establish a beachhead there for her and rally people loyal to the Targaryen cause that she is alive and gaining power. He doesn’t strike me as a missionary type, though, so this would be out of character.

The only option I really like is #1, I think its the most plausible and factually accurate (I don’t know enough to say if #3 would even fit). Anyways, I wanted to get this post out before, I had some other things to say about the season 4 finale entitled “The Children.” I think the Sand Snakes will enter the show (I heard rumours they were going to be by readers of the book) or at least a nod to them somehow, maybe by killing Cersi’s daughter in Dorne in revenge for their father’s being killed. Further, all the Stark children plots will be featured, and I think that King Tomlin, at the urging of Margaery Tyrell to be a king, will pardon his uncle Tyrion.

One Further note, a possible stray from a plausible reality in the facts of George R.R. Martin: the slavery that takes place in the three great slave cities of Slaver’s Bay is highly improbable in its scope. The reason for this is urban slavery at a large scale makes no sense as the economics don’t add up in a medieval/feudal setting. Slaves primary function would be to work the land, what huge benefit could they be in large numbers holed up in some city, without in reality just being too many mouths to feed. There is a scene of a shepherd who was probably a former slave before manumission, but the fact that the slaves of Yunkai and Meereen are housed in the city, too far from huge tracts of land where their numbers could be made economical to their owners. Perhaps this is not a problem and the slavery is described in the books in a way that the directors did not or could not adequately show in the series.

Next post I will try to not discuss the entertainment that I rail against, and get my thoughts more together for some facet of society that is pissing me off. Selling and buying a house leaves one stretched thinner than little butter scraped over loaves of bread!


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